JAGUAR POWER Royal Honey 12 x 15g

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  • Increases sexual desire.
  • Mountain honey
  • Caviar
  • Tongkat Ali
  • cinnamon
  •  Honey of love:
  • Libido
  • Endurance
  • Performance
  • Fight against impotence and precocity
  • 100% guaranteed effect
  • Gives self-confidence and desire to be sexually active.
  • Maintains a steady base of sexual performance.
  • Improves the fertility of the sperm.
  • Improves blood circulation.

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    Jaguar Power is a natural product that promotes sexual desire. There are many forms in which this panacea can be used. We sell a package with sticks that, also because of the taste, are comparable to honey. The way of consumption is also almost the same as honey. The sticks can, for example, be dissolved in tea or mixed with yogurt.

    1. Increases sexual desire.
    2. Strengthens the erection without getting tired.
    3. Increase self-confidence thanks to a stable sexual performance.
    4. Lowers prostate problems and diseases in the man’s productive system.
    5. It gives a sense of activity, clarity of mind and refreshes the memory.
    6. Supports body cells with amino acids and minerals, important for metabolism.
    7. Organizes cell metabolism because of the omega 3.

    Jaguar Power contains a mixture of date palm pollen and herbs from the rainforest. From this mixture, the substance Aphrodisiac is released, a substance named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of fertility.

    Jaguar Power is 100% natural and contains no harmful substances.
    100% Natural, no harmful substances
    What makes Jaguar Power so effective is that honey is active for seven to ten days.

    Caviar is one of the richest natural sources of omega 3, phosphorus, and a wide range of minerals, proteins, and amino acids required for metabolism and metabolism in the body’s cells for vitality, whether sexual or physical.

    Do not use more than one pod within 72 hours.

    Not suitable for patients suffering from a heart attack, heart problem, high blood pressure or diabetes, migraine, or occult pain.

    In summary, for healthy people, only 1 STICK

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    What's in the box
    Each box contain 12 sachets / 15 grams each