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HERBAL HOME Royal Honey For women 30*10 gram (for her)

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  • Pure honey fortified with the famous Kacip Fatima
  • The nutritious Honey enriched with quickly assimilated vital biomolecules present in Royal jelly and Bee pollen
  • Increase vitality and tissue buildup
  • For firmer breasts with a smoother complexion
  • Sparks female desire and enhances orgasm
  • Regulates menstrual cycle

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    Royal Honey for Women is a new product from Herbal Home (a subsidiary of ETUMAX) that contains the new ingredient “Mirifica”. The content has also been increased from 12 bags per box (total 240g) to 30 bags per box (total 300g).


    Royal Honey Honey is a virility stimulant and tonic for women derived from honey, and because it is high-quality pure honey, it is also effective for beauty.

    Pure Honey Kachipu Fatima Bee Pollen Royal Jelly


    Ingredients per bag (10g)
    Pure honey 9.8g, Mirifica 0.1g, Kacipfatima 0.1g

    Note: Effectiveness may differ from one person to another


    Pure Honey
    We use the highest quality natural honey with less than 20% moisture content, without any processing.
    It contains abundant nutrients such as calcium, vitamins B1 and B2, folic acid and other vitamins, iron, parotin, about 22 types of amino acids, about 27 types of minerals, and about 80 types of enzymes.

    Pueraria Mirifica
    It contains plenty of estrogen and puerarin, which act like female hormones, and miroesterol, which promotes the activation of female hormones. It is expected to positively affect women, such as increasing the bust, improving skin quality, and reducing menstrual pain.

    Kacip Fatimah
    It grows in the rainforests of Malaysia and is valued as a high-grade herb. This product is ideal for supporting women’s health, as it is expected to increase libido, control female hormones, tighten the uterus and vagina, and improve menstrual problems, dysentery, gonorrhoea, and rheumatism.

    Royal Jelly
    Since ancient times, it has been used as a nourishing, tonic, and energizing food. 40 types of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential amino acids lead to a body full of vitality.

    Unfortunately, there have been many reports of damage caused by fake products.


    • Consume one sachet of Golden Royal Honey daily before sleep to feel its full effects the morning after and start the day feeling energized
    • Golden Royal Honey can also be consumed one hour before any physical activity or encounter is for an added boost to your energy levels.


    • Once the sachet is opened, consume immediately. Do not store.
    • If you have allergies to bee pollen, honey, or any bee by-products, please do not consume them.
    • Restlessness and hyperactivity due to being more energetic This can also benefit as people need more energy and enthusiasm.
    • Please refrain from using if you are pregnant or breastfeeding (manufacturer’s recommendation)

    STORAGE: Keep in a dry place at room temperature, away from sunlight.

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    Additional information

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    What's in the box
    Each box contain 30 sachets / 10 grams each